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In James 1:27 it says, “Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in theirdistress and to keep oneself unstained by the world” And that is what we do. We always have our doors open for those who need help. Many of the children we have here at the House of Grace have come from homes with abuse and neglect. From parents who do drugs, or who are in prostitution or who’ve abandoned them when they were little causing them to grow up in orphanages.

Since the House of Grace began, we have watched kids go back to parents, new kids come in and others grow up here. This is not only a house but a home to those children who need one. It is a safe, loving place where they can be comfortable and secure. Where they don’t have to worry if they’re going to get a meal that day or whether they are going to watch a parent/caregiver using drugs. Every child that comes here is provided with; food, clothing, schooling (which includes: uniforms, books and registration fees) and of course a loving home.

Our teenagers that have been with us for years also do not have to worry about what they are going to do once they turn 18 years old. If they want to continue to study, we at La Roca are here for them to get them equipped and trained for life. But most important is that they know that we are family for them.

Every child deserves a chance. They deserve to be loved and cared for. Here at the House of Grace we strive to do so. We help them get through any problems they may have. We also have a trained counselorthat comes by a few times a week and speaks with the children one on one. We use every resource we have to better help each and every child whether they are going to be with us long-term or short-term. Though sometimes our resources are scarce, God always provides.

If you feel led to help us care for these children it would be a huge blessing. $30 a month can help with food, school fees and clothes.

God is good. And we put our faith in Him 100%. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and your generous support.


In His Love, Pastor Carlos and Rossy Montoya

Please send your monthly sponsorship funds to:

La Roca Ministries, 2830 Leonard St, National City, CA 91950.

Please indicate House of Grace Sponsorship on your check.  Thank you for helping these children that God has brought into this world.

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The Children of the “House of Grace”

Please keep these families in your prayers while they start over. Pray that they will not fall into their old ways. That they will make wise decisions and stay in the Word.

Josue, Mireya, Aron and Caleb

This is the family that is currently running the House of Grace. They originally helped at the Ranch but then were moved to the House of Grace when we needed someone to take leadership there.

Alberto Tomas and Pablo Antonio Lopez Garcia

Alberto (14 yrs old) and Pablo (11 yrs old) have been with us for several months now. They came to us from another orphanage where they had been kicked out of school. They have a 15 yr old sister who lives at Niños de la Promesa (another orphanage). Their mother abandoned them over 8 years ago and after that their father, who is an older man and unable to care for them, left them in orphanages where they grew up. Alberto likes to play soccer and Pablo enjoys hide and seek.


Emely is 5 years old. Emely is with us because her mother was doing drugs. She was taken out to the Ranch for a while in which time Emely was brought to us.  Her mother is doing well on her own right now, but Emely remains with us. She is a soft spoken little girl but very loving.



Salvador and Antonio Borjon Palacios

Salvador is 6 years old.. He has 9 other brothers and sisters. 6 of which have been taken away by DIF (CPS). Salvador was inseveral orphanages before staying here. Salvador has been here for almost 3 years and is very content. This is his home and we love him so much.


Alejandro and Monserrat Mena Ocaña

Monserrat is 5 years old and Alejandro is 9 years old. Monserrat been with us for over a year now and Alex has been here for a couple months. They have 2 brothers who currently live with there mother. There mother left them with us because she works in Zona Norte and was unable to care for them. So she brought them to us where they would be properly cared for. Monserrat likes to paint and play with dolls. Alejandro likes to play video games and soccer.


Yescani is 9 years old.  Her mother left a long time ago, leaving Yescani with her father who is over 50 and unable to care for her the way she needs. She was with us before and her dad took her back for a time in which he found someone to care for her while he worked. However the person caring for her was not doing so properly and she is back with us.

 Pamela, Omar and Vione

Pamela (11 years old), Omar (8 years old) and Vione (6 years old) have been with us for a few months. Before they came to us they were living with their father. Their mother had left them and their father was doing the best he could. For a while he found someone to take care of them while he was at work. But he soon found out that the person caring for them was doing drugs in front of them. He didn’t know what to do, so he contacted us to care for them. We took them in without a thought. They are wonderful kids.

Jorge Aberto and Maria Alejandra Rodriguez 
Jorge is 6 yrs old and Maria is 5 years old. They were living in the streets with their father. Their mother left them shortly after their father broke his ankle, which resulted in losing his job, making it impossible to care for them. Their father made the decision to leave them with us after being told by the police that if he did not find a safe place for his children they would have to take them away. The father is staying at the La Roca shelter.  Maria is very affectionate and likes to play with the babies and Jorge likes to play with cars and to have fun in general.

Victor and Jose Angel

Victor is 9 years old and Angel is 6 years old. They came to us because their mother was doing drugs. She wasn’t taking care of them  and so something had to be done. They have a half-sister here (Lizeth), and since they already have one sibling here they brought to us. They are sweet little boys and we are lucky to have them.
Angel Reynaldo

Angel is 6 years old. He has been with us for a short time now. His mother was using drugs and so he was brought to us.  He loves to play with the other kids.


Jesus Manuel

Jesus is 8 years old. He is also the only orphan we have here. After his parents died in a car accident he was in the care of his grandmother but do to her age and lack of interest she couldn’t care for him. He has 2 cousins here, Yadira and Areli and so he was brought here.


 David Ernesto and Ana Yamilet Gil Merino

David 14 and Ana 11 have been at the House of Grace for over a year now. They were brought to us because their father is unable to have them. After their mother died their grandmother was caring for them. Unfortunately, she also passed away, leaving their father to care for them. He is remarried and brought them from Salvador to Tijuana to live with him and his new wife. However, his wife does not love them and she was treating them badly. So, their father took the decision to leave them with us while he fixes the situation with his wife. Ana likes to dress up and play makeup whenever she can. David enjoys playing soccer.


Lizeth is 12 years old and has been here for about 6 months.  Both her parents  have been using drugs for quite a while. Her dad has been in and out of rehab facilities for the past year and is still working on getting better.



Mari and her sons Angel and Oscar

Mari and her husband Federico have bee a part of La Roca for several years. Federico serves at the shelter and Mari serves here at the House of Grace. They have 2 children Angel – 6 yrs old and Oscar – 3 yrs old. Angel will be starting 2nd grade this year and OScar will start preschool next year. Theya re both very active.


Youth Girls of the “House of Grace”

Please keep these teen girls in your prayers while they struggle to make it to adulthood. Pray that they will not fall into the ways of their parents and relatives. That they will make wise decisions and stay in the Word.

Yajaira Lizet and Violeta del Rosario Santa Cruz

Yajaira is 19 years old and her sister Violeta is 13 years old. Yajaira was with us for 4 years and left for a while. But now her and her sister are back with us. There mom was using drugs and didn’t have any money to take care of them. So she brought them to us. They say that they feel at home in the House of Grace, which is what we strive to provide.

Yadira  Gomez

Yadira is 20 years old. She has been with us for over 3 years now. She has been in and out of orphanages since she was very young. Her mother was involved in drugs and was never around. At the last orphanage she was being rebellious and there were some problems, so they called Sylvia (the house of grace director at the time). She is an awesome young lady and we are pleased to have her.


Zoraya Aleman Bustamente

Zoraya is 14 years old. She came here to the house of grace so she could continue going to school rsz_img_2981and also because her mom wasn’t working.  So Zoraya and her mom both came to stay here. Her mom helps care for the children and Zoraya is able to go to school. She is an excellent student has very good grades. She is 3rd in her class.



As you can see, we work with those who are having problems in other ministries as well with those who are in the streets! Pray for us to never lose heart, for those who are rebellious and carry resentment and hatred in their hearts. As so many of us once did!


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