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Below are the most urgent needs of La Roca Ministries, however, since we work with nearly 100 kids and 300-400 adults on a weekly basic our regular needs are great. Most any type of supplies, food, and basic items are needed.  If you are interested in helping with any of these needs please call or email for exact details.

Contact: Carlos Montoya (619) 890-2830   Email:

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Major Immediate Needs


Playground ground plastic.

Rehab Ranch

Commercial refrigerator (low energy)

Solar panel system for kitchen. Expandable.

Water truck fiberglass tank. 500+ gallons. This or this.

Fence for one acre. 3-300 ft rolls or 9-100 ft rolls or 1-1320 ft barb wire roll (1 strand) or goat fencing.

Small house for detox 20 ft x 20 ft  1br with 1 bath

Septic tank

Brickmaking machine [ examples ]

Geologist ( to evaluate use of various dirt)

Agriculture plan (plant and animal plans)

Water storage tank

Men & Women’s Shelter and Rehab Farm



Small car or pickup with good mileage

Building & Property

Multi-Purpose Building and Medical Clinic  estimated $350,000 (see plans HERE)

Purchase property near Ranch main road for location of water pump and church.

All ministries

Paint (call for details):  Interior Navajo white, exterior dark chocolate brown, navy blue, yellow, mint green, brick red


Needs For Daily Operations

Men’s Shelter and Rehab Farm

Mattress (28”-29” x 73”-74”), covers, sheets, blankets.
Bunk Bed frame (wood or metal)
Men’s clothing
Plastic soup bowls (16 oz), plastic cups, serving trays, serving trays with holes for cups.
Kitchen Utensils, Blender (commercial), mixers, mixing bowls
Knife sharpener
Sleeping Bags
Gloves (light winter type)
Sweat pants and top  (all adult sizes)
Bar Weights and dumb bells, 10 lbs+


Chairs, Plastic tables
Musical Instruments (guitars, base, amp, cords, etc)


Skill saws
Wheel borrows
Screw drivers
Standing and ceiling fan with lights
Lawnmower (manual and motorized)
Vacuum (house and garage)
Trash bags 15 gal and 33 gal
Paint (variety of colors)
Picture frames (various sizes)

Food (Men and Women Shelters, and Orphanage)

rice, beans, sugar, pancake mix, sirup, butter, bread, canned goods, powered milk, creamer, sugar, condiments in small pkgs, peanut butter, jam, jelly, honey


Clothes (babies to teen boys and girls)
School supplies

Sewing Items for making of clothes, etc.

Sewing machines
Crochet yarn (all sizes and colors)
Fabric (all kinds)

Solar Panels & systems (they have an engineer to make it work)

Wedding and Banquet Items (all kinds)

Wedding Arch

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