La Roca News – March

Greeting to all our brothers and sisters in the Lords! First off, I would like to say, thank you all for your prayers… 0

La Roca News – February

  Greetings to all my dear brothers and sisters! The first thing I want to do is thank you for all your prayers;… 0

La Roca News- December

Greeting dear brother and sisters; I would love to thank each one of you for your prayers and support! It has been another… 0

La Roca News- November

Dear brothers and sister, greetings! It’s amazing to see how time has flown by. It doesn’t help that it gets darker earlier! Christmas… 0

La Roca News – October

Greeting from all of us! We are marching forward into October with so many activities including: sending off Federico, mother and Nacho into… 0

La Roca News – September

La Roca News (September) – Greetings to all our brothers and sisters in the Lord! Well summer is over! With Halloween and Christmas… 0

La Roca News – August

La Roca News (August)-Greetings to all our brothers and sisters in the Lord! We have been working hard to finish painting the playground… 0

La Roca News – April 2014

Greeting to my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord;  I would like to start by thanking each one of you for your… 0


Dr. Kevin Lake and Pastor Carlos Montoya Saturday was a big day for us. Dave Rose (President of Healing Hearts Across Borders), Cathy… 0

La Roca News – March 2014

Greeting to all my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord!  I hope you all find yourselves well after such a fast start… 0

La Roca News – February 2014

Dear brothers and sisters, Greetings!   As we begin another year of ministry together, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know… 0

La Roca News – December 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.  Christmas is upon us and we are entering the busiest time of the year, on top of… 0

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