Mission Project: We Need Churches, Organizations, and Individuals to Help Us Expand

Our service needs are great. We have many people that need the Lord and we don’t have the facilities for them.  At this time we need help in the following areas.  We have looked at several building next to each other that would meet our current needs.  We need help purchasing and improving these buildings.

Medical Center:  We are seeking help expanding our medical facilities by the old dump. We have been working there since 1996, doing all different kind of outreaches. One of them of course is the medical outreach that started with Dr. Kevin Lake, his wife, his two nurses and my wife and I. We would see 200 to 300 people each day.

Things have grown over the years. Now we have a plethora of doctors and medical students that come down from USC and UCSD, seeing over 500 people per day. The Facilities are too small and are getting run down. We need at least another examining room and bathrooms.

Examining room size 12 x 14, cost $2,500.00

Bath rooms for men and women, size 8 x 12 cost $1,800.00

Medical Center


Shelter: Expand Our Shelter from housing 40 men to 100 men

Church: Expand our Church. Currently, we can hold 160 people. The new building we are would like to get and improve can hold 500 people, including our kids Sunday School.

Offices: Our ministry offices will be able to be in the same building as the Church.

How can you help. We will be refurbishing these building and we need:

Construction workers
Interior workers
Landscape and gardening

Help us to raise up a healthy church.  It has been said that a “church could not be raised up in this part (Zona Norte) of Tijuana”. Please come along our side and prove them wrong. Nothing is impossible with Jesus Christ and with the faith the size of a mustard seed.


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